gii operation problems on linux server from windows client

hello masters Yii

I installed the Yii framework in OS ubuntu using mysql database and apache server and because I am not familiar with linux then my client in terms of developing your windows.

I have a problem when creating a model with a gii,

after entry to the address http://ipaddress/test/index.php?r=gii/model, I input the table name and then I preview tbl_user (ok no problem)

but when I generate the error appears as follows:

Generating code using template "/var/www/yii/framework/gii/generators/model/templates/default"…

generating models/TblUser.php

       Unable to write the file '/var/www/ga/protected/models/TblUser.php'.


I think there is a problem with safe_mode

I try to cope with changing files on etc/php5/apache2/php.ini be like the following:

safe_mode = "0"

safe_mode_gid = Off

safe_mode_include_dir = 0ff

safe_mode_exec_dir = 0ff

safe_mode_allowed_env_vars =

safe_mode_protected_env_vars =

but has not been able to resolve the problem.

please help

thanks in advance

sorry my english is not good

Are you sure you have set the file permissions correctly? try executing these commands using the terminal

cd /var/www/

sudo chmod -R 777 ga/