Gii Not Generates Normal Mysql Decimal Rules


The gii generates for mysql Decimal types the rule

array('length', 'max' => 'a number') 

(according of digits) in the Model

instead of float type that adds

array('merchant_price', 'type', 'type'=>'float')

, (I read that in another post - I din’t tested it)

In normal way the gii should be generates for decimal type the same thing that float type does

what is the problem ?



I have just noticed the same issue… I am setting up a rule in the model that enforces the type of decimal I am after using a regular expression.

array('merchant_price', 'match', 'pattern' => 'REGULAR EXPRESSION GOES HERE', 'message'=>'You have not entered a valid price!')

Although judging by your # of posts Im guessing I haven’t told you anything even close to new :P

Sure… there are many ways to do a validation,

The point is the Gii should be generate a validation automatically.

I hope will be happen in Yii 2…