Gii & multiple databases??

I have my Yii app setup with multiple databases using this method

Is it possible to use the Gii code generation with my secondary databases? How?

Gii statically accesses Yii::app()->db in generators/model/ModelCode.php. You could create another gii codebase and route requests meant for the other database to it, but I can’t think of anything as dynamic as simply extending CActiveRecord to use a diff db connection.


edit: or you could just sed s/Yii::app()->db/Yii::app()->db2/ if you just need it temporarily to build some scaffolding ^^

Thanks, Makes sense… I will probably just temporarily edit it, to point to the 2nd db.

But it would be nice if there was an option in the gii gui ;)

You would also have to go back and change the models to extend the 2nd database’s alternative active record

I just added it to an extesion I created a while ago

Check it out here