Gii Module Generator Bug

Hi there,

I’m pretty new with Yii. I was trying to generate some sample Modules with Gii. After Gii finished I got an error on the generated code, when I checked that I saw this:

class DefaultController extends Controller

As I said I’m not expert, but as far as I read all the Yii classes should start with a capital “C” letter to avoid the conflicts with user defined classes. So, I just changed the “Controller” to “CController” and the error gone!

I’m not sure, maybe there are differences between Modules and other things in Yii, but otherwise it looks like a bug.

There is Controller.php in protected/components.

It is not a framework file but is automatically generated for you and it is ok for you to modify for your own needs.

This defines some variables that are used by gii generated CRUD.

Not a bug.

Oh, thanks man for the description! Good to know that :)