gii ModelGenerator

(Mathirajesh) #1

GII CodeGenerator is not working for me when i click any link of Generator(Model,Controller,Form,Module,GiixCrud and GiixModel),

Yii::app()->request->userHostAddress returns ::1, actually my ip was localhost:8080 i have configured in main.php as follows…

'modules' => array(

    'gii' => array(

        'class'      => 'system.gii.GiiModule',

        'password'   => 'rajesh',

        'ipFilters'  => array('', '::1'),

 // 'ipFilters'=>array($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']),

        'generatorPaths' => array(

    	    'ext.giix-core', // giix generator




This is my second day of yii framework can anyone contribute to make better this one…