Gii Model generation w/ Unit Tests/Fixture data

I wish that the Gii module could be used to generate fixture & unit test data from the Model generator. I use gii over the command line option for everything else, but always go to the command line for the model for this reason.

I also miss that feature in gii



Could any one tell me how i can use the model generation gii , just try to get a table from DB using connectionString but its not working :(

In fact im a new on yii .

Thanks, :rolleyes:

First read this section of The Definitive Guide to Yii. Since this subforum is about "Feature Requests" you would be better off searching answers and posting questions in the "Installation and Setup" or "General Discussion for Yii 1.1.x" subforums.


What type of database? What OS are you using? Can you post your connection string (remove sensitive data).

+1 on that feature request