Gii Login Process Error

dear all masters,

I just created a new Yii application. and when I want to create the CRUD, and login from webroot/index.php?r=gii, this error appears : Property “LoginForm.role” is not defined. I already fix this error by remove this ‘role’ field because it is unused anyway. but, after I removed it, and try to login again, it’s load but it stay still in the same login page instead of go to the CRUD page. why this happens?

this is the codes of my LoginForm class :



 * LoginForm class.

 * LoginForm is the data structure for keeping

 * user login form data. It is used by the 'login' action of 'SiteController'.


class LoginForm extends CFormModel {

    public $username;

    public $password;

    public $rememberMe;

    private $_identity;


     * Declares the validation rules.

     * The rules state that username and password are required,

     * and password needs to be authenticated.


    public function rules() {

        return array(

            // username and password are required

            array('username, password', 'required'),

            // rememberMe needs to be a boolean

            array('rememberMe', 'boolean'),

            // password needs to be authenticated

            array('password', 'authenticate'),




     * Declares attribute labels.


    public function attributeLabels() {

        return array(

            'rememberMe' => '&nbsp;Remember me next time',




     * Authenticates the password.

     * This is the 'authenticate' validator as declared in rules().


    public function authenticate($attribute, $params) {

        if (!$this->hasErrors()) {

            $this->_identity = new UserIdentity($this->username, $this->password);

            if (!$this->_identity->authenticate())

                $this->addError('password', 'Incorrect username or password.');




     * Logs in the user using the given username and password in the model.

     * @return boolean whether login is successful


    public function login() {

       if ($this->_identity === null) {

           $this->_identity = new UserIdentity($this->username, $this->password);



       if ($this->_identity->errorCode === UserIdentity::ERROR_NONE) {

           $duration = $this->rememberMe ? 3600 * 24 * 30 : 0; // 30 days  

           Yii::app()->user->login($this->_identity, $duration);

           $user = User::model()->findByPk($this->_identity->id);

           if ($user === null)

               throw new CHttpException(404, 'The requested page does not exist.');

           else {

               $user->lastlogintime = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");

               $user->lastloginfrom = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];



           return true;



           return false;



sorry for my bad english. thanks in advance :)

this login page is not gii. gii is include as module in yii you have to setup a password in your config/main.php under gii and then you login with that password read up on blog tutorial for more information

You need to enable gii from you config file. It may have been commented. Uncomment it and set the password, then you should see the gii login. The loginform you are talking about is the app login.

hmm, the source of this login page is yii/framework/gii/models. I send this one, because I think the error is on this page. I already set my gii password and others. But it still won’t work.

But, it’s solved now. Im just re-installed my Yii ::) it’s doing just fine now. thanks anyway :D

yes, I know and I already did. I solve it already by re-install my Yii ;D

thanks for your help :)


hahahaha ;D