Gii generating Models instead of Controllers?


I just started with Yii 2 and after installing and knowing about how this framework works i headed towards Gii.

I wanted to create just a static page with no db interaction so i used the Controller Generator option to generate the Controller class.

When i filled the appropriate details, and Previewed the same, i found that the files were created in Models folder instead of Controllers:

hXXp:// [Sorry, i cant post links :confused: ]

At first i found it confusing still i clicked on generate,

and the resulting page gave a 404.

hXXp:// [Sorry, i cant post links :confused: ]

When i manually created the controller file, the page worked.

What am i doing wrong here?

What did you specify for "Controller Class"?

Try with "app\controllers\PageController"

Thanks for replying,

I used ÔÇťfrontend\controllers\PageControllerÔÇŁ and it worked :)

previously i messed something up while entering the path.