Gii "friendly name"


I’m generating a small project (it has only 6 db tables) but when going through the Gii CRUD generator all the names are taken from the class name, ie, a model called “User” will generate names like “List Users” or “Create Users”. I like to code with english names, but the app must be in spanish. The “problem” is that the “entity” names are taken and pluralized from the model name.

I’m trying to add a new field called “friendly name” to the CRUD generator which can be a translated (or alternate) name for the “entity”, and take this new field as the source for user messages instead of the model name.

I’m starting with Yii, so it’s taking me some time to implement it but it’d be nice to have it in future releases.

BTW, Yii is awesome!

Have a look at Giix.

For reference, consult the i18n secion of the Definitive Guide To Yii.


thanks a lot, i’m looking into it and looks promising!