GII folder problem


I cannot get this to work.

I am using Giif or Yii2 and in the CRUD generator, I try those paths as I want the views to go in the "backend" folder but each time, the views are generated in the frontend/web folder.

I tried for the "View Path"

/xampp/htdocs/yii2/backend/views/foldername <—this fails

then tried this:

backend/views/foldername failed too

Finally tried with nothing…same again, all get generated in the frontend/web folder.

Any idea why please?

Thank you

Check the log for errors.

Could be permission issues that prevents Gii from writing to the view folder?

What output does Gii give when you preview the generated files?

Jacmoe, thanks for the help.

Actually I could not find any logs as they were no errors, it was just a path problem, in order to get the vies in the right folder I had to add this in the "view path":


I am wondering if there is a way to tell Yii2 to keep the paths this way in the GII generator instead of retyping them each time.


When you use gii,

you can also use aliases for the view generation.



Advanced app:




Described here:



Thank you so much!