Gii extension automation

Hi all,

I’m developing a Module into a Yii 2.0 based application and I would need to create a model programmatically from my module.

The application has Yii and Gii extensions installed

I’ve done some attempts to call the Model generator, mostly based on this thread but I’m not able to get it working with Yii/Gii 2.0

What I’d like to do it to call from a function in my module the Model generator providing options like:

  • database table name

  • model name

  • name space

  • and so on…

and save it into a given folder.

I’m wondering if any of you may help me about this issue.

Please bear in mind I’m rather new at Yii and still learning; so as much code as you could provide it would be great :).

if yoiu need further information, let me know and I’ll try at the best of my knowledge.

thanks in advance,