Gii Crud Table

Just started making the move to Yii 2 and found a slight problem with the Gii Crud generator on the spacing of the column where the View, Update, Delete icons are. They seem not to have enough room and wrap to 2 lines on my Firefox linux (v33). They looks OK on Windows FF, Chrome, and IE.

I found this code with someone having the same issue, but not exactly sure what it’s doing. It does seem to fix the issue.

\Yii::$container->set(‘yii\grid\ActionColumn’, [

	'contentOptions' => ['width' => '80px;'],


Is their a better way to fix it so the code is not needed?



white-space CSS property

.grid-view td:last-child {

  white-space: nowrap;


Thanks, I looked at the code and figured out that basically it’s just making the column a bit large with an inline style for the width. I just updated my FF on linux to 36.01 and the tables look OK now without the either of the fixes.

Thanks again for the code snip!