Gii crud for database schema of CDbAuthManager

Hello, I am newbie in Yii.

I have one question about composite primary keys.

I wanted to create a model and crud with gii, using the sample tables designed for Qiang for CDBAuthMAnager. But I couldn’t generate the crud because Gii not support composite primary keys. So I had to make some modifications to the schema of the database, I removed composite keys and added primary keys fields with ID and no problem I can generate and edit it with Gii (it’s a little strange that if Yii not support composite keys and CRUD is an outstanding feature in any framework, Qiang design tables that are not soported by Gii, so I am newbie and I would like know if I am wrong).

My question is how I can use the original schema of the CDBAuthManager without using gii for generate models and controllers?.

Thanks in advanced

You don’t have to generate model and controller for CDBAuthManager.

Simply use all the method of AuthManager, create operation, role, task, assign and revoke.

You don’t have to write a single line of code for have RBAC working.

thank you for the clarification, I’ve seen how it works cauthmanager class in more detail.