Gii Bootstrap Generator Breaks Two Column Layout

Someone help please!

I am generating a new app using gii. I decided to use the Bootstrap Generator. I couldn’t find any documentation on this (it says the same thing for it and for the CRUD generator).

I’m guessing it’s TB bootstrap and it looks good, but the side menu bar ends up at the bottom of all the pages.

I haven’t changed any files. I don’t know that the css layout world yet. It happens on chrome and IE.

God bless you for your helping.

Yes, the extension has some bugs. I believe I saw it too. If I’m not mistaken, the menu section is loaded in view/layout/column2.php. Be careful which view folder you’re looking at, because you may use the theme folder not the protected one. Anyway, go to the file, and replace the position of the lines of code responsible for side menu, with the line of code responsible for showing content. This solved my problem.

Thanks for your help! I am new to this formatting. Which file do you mean when you say "go to the file"?



. That’s how I solved it. Mine looks like this:

<?php /* @var $this Controller */ ?>

<?php $this->beginContent('//layouts/main'); ?>

<div class="row">

   <div class="span9">

        	<?php echo $content; ?>


	<div class="span3">


        	$this->beginWidget('zii.widgets.CPortlet', array(



        	$this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbMenu', array(










<?php $this->endContent(); ?>

you may change yours and try, the div class span3 is for the menu, and div class span9 is for the content.

wow! that did it. That world is a mystery to me and I need to learn it. You’re a life saver, Hesam! Thank you!

Just ensure that you always use the Bootstrap generator after your fix.

The standard Yii generator will output it’s own “row” class that is used with Blueprint css, messing up your sweet ui.

I just saw your post. I tried to understand it, but I’m not able. I ran bootstap generator to build the framework, and I don’t use it anymore (except possibly for new tables). So I’m not sure what you mean here.

I appreciate you thoughts on this!

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