[Gii] Blank Page After Post Request

Hi folks,

I’m learning to use Yii and I’m reading Web application develoment with Yii 2nd edition.

There’s a chapter in which it describe how to create a simple CRUD with Gii. When I try to save/update a model (previously created in Model generator) in CRUD generator, I receive a blank page. It seems that every POST request it’s successfull (everything it’s saved/updated) but there’s no redirection to a page.

Another strange thing: when I try to save my signature for my forum profile, I receive the same blank page, but my signature it’s successfully updated. Every other website which uses post request work well.

I have no errors in Apache logs and I’m using firefox 28 with Yii 1.1.15-dev. Look at my signature for OS, etc.

What it could be?

Thanks and have a good weekend.

Ok it was a Firefox problem , I restarted it and now I don’t have problems anymore. You can delete this post if you want to, thanks.