Gii and i18n with Advanced Application Template

I’ve been unable to get Gii to generate code for me in the advanced application template with i18n. I can’t seem to find documentation to describe how to properly configure i18n.

I’m also not sure if Gii + Advanced template + i18n works together.

For example, I create a model in Gii called Place:



Then, I try to create CRUD:



And when I preview I get this error:



I tried using

mkdir frontend/place

./yii message/config ./frontend/place/config.php

But this didn’t help.

Is there a simple explanation for how to set up i18n?

What is the correct way to use it with the advanced template?

Should each model have a category? Or, should there just be a category for the frontend app?

Thank you for your help!

Does anyone have more info on this?

You need to configure message source: