Hi All!

I just wanted to tell you about this new website, a new Crowdfunding platform: GetYourCause. It has been developed using Yii by my own, and of course, with a useful help from some forum members! So thanks to all of you guys who have helped me by anwsering my doubts!

Hope you like it! And if you know someone interested in Crowdfunding… please share my link!


Great site…How did you implement the paypal option? I’m new to Yii, and need to implement a donation system for our organization. I am able to use the paypal extensions posted on yii site, but I want to be able to make each payment stored in a database indicating the project for which it was made. So each donation should be made to a particular project (just as you implemented here). Did you use a particular extension for this or you built yours from the ground up?