Getting webvimark/user-management running

I am working on an app and need to get some user management stuff working.

Looks like webvimark/user-management will do most of what I want, but I am having a little difficulty…

I am using the basic template, and installed webvimark/user-management via composer.

It installed correctly and I am able to perform some basic user authorization functions.

However, I am not able to get the functionality to allow people to register new accounts to work.

I am looking to have the login form provide the option to create a new account if they don’t have one, then perform the e-mail validation functionality. It seems this module should do this but I am must be missing something.

From the FAQ on GITHUB:

[b]Question: I want users to register and login with they e-mails! Mmmmm… And they should confirm it too!

Answer: See configuration properties $useEmailAsLogin and $emailConfirmationRequired[/b]

So I changed vendor/webvimark/module/module-user-management/UserManagemntModule like so:

[b] /**

 * If set true, then on registration username will be validated as email


 * @var bool


public $useEmailAsLogin = true;


 * Works only if $useEmailAsLogin = true


 * If set true, then on after registration message with activation code will be sent

 * to user email and after confirmation user status will be "active"


 * @var bool

 * @see $useEmailAsLogin


public $emailConfirmationRequired = true;


Seems to make no difference…

I also get redirected to the normal login page if I directly call /user-management/auth/registration

I am clearly missing something, but I don’t know what…


-John Scott

After much poking around in the code and User interface, I found the solution to my problem.

Login in as ‘superadmin’ and go to

You will see "common permission". You need edit this and add /user-management/auth/* by clicking the checkbox next to it.

Don’t forget to hit the save button under the routes!

Now the login box should show links at the bottom to allow new user registration and password recovery.