Getting Value From Tables Having Foreign Key In Yii

I have three tables in the db. One is ‘authmanager’ has ‘rolename’ and ‘user_id’. The second is ‘user’ which has the usual ‘id’, ‘username’ and ‘password’. The third table is ‘employee’, which has ‘id’, ‘user_id’ and the rest of the fields. The problem is that in the index page of employee i want to show the employees in tabs and according to the roles in the ‘authmanager’ table. How can the relations of yii be used?

I am using rights for managing rights and authasignments. In authitem there are entries for different roles. I want to get all the users belonging specific ‘rolename’. So far i get exisitng roles with the help of “Rights::getAssignedRoles()”. I am new to rights so please give me a direction to work.