Getting unknown property: app\controllers\PartnumberController::scenario

I have created a model, where i have added this function:

public function behaviors() {

$this->scenario = 'test';


public function showlist()


    if($this->scenario == 'test') {






i have created a controller for get json result in this way:


namespace app\controllers;

use yii\rest\Controller;

use yii\data\ActiveDataProvider;

use app\models\Articoli;

class PartnumberController extends Controller


    public function actionIndex()


        return new ActiveDataProvider([

            'pagination' => false,

            'query' => Articoli::showlist(),





When i try the script, i got this error into controller:

[font="monospace"][size="2"]Getting unknown property: app\controllers\PartnumberController::scenario[/size][/font]

[font="monospace"] [/font]But the scenario properties is into model no into [font="monospace"][size="2"]Controller[/size][/font][size="2"]!!![/size]

I don’t understand

Can you help me?