Getting Unknown Method Yii\db\activequery::load()

I did a recent composer update and now i am getting errors:

unknown method yii\db\ActiveQuery::load()

on a gii created actionUpdate($id)


unknown property: yii\db\ActiveQuery::id

on a gii created actionView($id)

but my actionIndex() is displaying correctly

so only when $id is needed in the controller.

im lost to what to do/look for

any help would be appreciated

See this:

that fixed it.

Thanks ORey for the fast reply!!!

double :D :D

You’re welcome.

Seems like this can be a frequent question, so I’ve just created a post about it.

Hello I checked the link but I am getting 404 error; any way to access the post a part from that link. I have the problem with one property on the model when I try to access it the same error message is appearing