Getting Started

Hello mates,

I am new to Yii framework. I know basic stuff about php and OO concepts. i am basically Android developer but, i like to learn some framework, so started with Yii. I already went through some tutorials and book Agile development with php5 and yii1.1, but i understand some of the stuff like structure of yii and MVC architecture but i dont figure out how to start with some project other than demo applications.

Please, I need help to get start with Yii…

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ashutosh,

Welcome to the Yii can start with a this

Then just go ahead step by step…i hope you will not take too much time to learn it. :)

And i am also trying to learn android. Could you please tell me how could i start learning Android. ;)

Did you really read the book "Agile Webdevelopement …"? Chapter 2 really starts at "Dowloading Yii" and explains over 10 pages how to create "Hello World". The only concept you need to get is how the Controller/Model/View thing works.

But basically it’s like this: index.php?r=test/something -> calls TestController->actionSomething. In there you will probably have a model (an entity) that you want to edit/delete/show and create a view with the render*()-function.

Hi Jayant,

Thank for suggestions. I already started with Definitive guide.

thanks for help, and yes def. i will help you with android. Just start with android rich documentation. You will find it here ;)

Your welcome :)

But i didn’t get any reference link in your reply :(

could you please post it again.


I am Yii developer and i am also learning android…

If you know java you’ll not take much time to learn android

download eclipse for java and android SDK

it comes with documentation…enjoy

Thank Mangesh for your reply. yes i have a knowledge about java.let see how quick i learn it. ;)

hi, :)

Can anyone just give a brief explanation on how to make values in 2 textboxes to display on the same seen through post method on button click? I’m new to frameworks and new to yii, This framework is wonderfull, i want to learn it. Please help.

You can make all the basic tag/stuff in yii like - link, button, textbox, image, dropbox etc.

Follow this wiki -