Getting Started


I have been experimenting with this framework and like it.  I have been managing a lage project that is using Prado and am thinking that once we complete the next phase, we are going to experiment with Yii and look to possibly starting a rewrite if the performance is as good when we compare our Prado app to it.

Separately I have a small desktop app that I want to rewrite in PHP and will use PHP and Yii to do it.  AS I make progress over the coming weeks I will post a link to it (including the code) here so others can share in the experience and possibly comment.  The database I will use will be mysql , though I use Firebird mostly and recently Postgres with the Prado project I mentioned.


  • Lou

Will you be commenting the code?

That would be great if you could 8)

Yes of course. Stay tuned as I am currently writing up the design spec and converting my database  from Firebird to MYSQL.

The app will have several forms.

The title is  Package Delivery System for a local  same day courier

It will have following forms:

User Login

User Setup - Staff and Drivers

Customer setup

Package Delivery Request - Pickup and Delivery Address

Simple Billing Screen

Reports  - a few basic reports

I will be posting a link to the project page once I have created it.

  • Lou

Thanks Lou! Is this by chance still on your radar? looks hopeful