Getting Selenium working

Hi All,

OpenSuse 11.4, PHP latetst, PEAR latest …Yii latest

New to Yii and working through Jeffrey Winesett’s truly excellent Yii and PHP book, I’m now setting up the test components.

The first time I tried to run SiteTest.php, it failed on


That code is in CwebTestCase.php.

On my set-up the path to PHPUnit is /usr/share/php5/PEAR/PHPUnit/… Now, I can go into framework/test/CWebTestCase.php and hard-code this path, but something tells me that way madness lies. It looks to me like the framework code is assuming a base URL or path as a starting point to find the PHPUnit directory.

Anyone been here before?

Thanks in advance


SOLVED - AS well as the Selenium server I needed to install the PHPUnit extension for Selenium (which also required a manual install of the PHP CURL extension).

Still can’t see why that URL works, though…