Getting route / Login Controller and View

Hi all, i’m working on implementing a login controller & view for my website, which uses the Yii Framework. I want to make sure all users do login whenever they access the site.

I wasn’t sure where to add the code to check this, so i did put it in components/Controller.php within the constructor. [b]My first question would be is this is the right place for checking if a user is logged in or not (meaning that this verification should affect the entire site: all controllers/views)


Now, since i had to use components/Controller.php i wasn’t within any controller where i could call $this->getRoute() to know which route i was in, so i did something like this:

// Redirect to login if the user hasn't authenticated yet

if (Yii::app()->getUser()->getIsGuest() == true) {

	// We aren't within any Controller yet so i can't use CController::getRoute to know which 

	// route we are following.

	if ($_GET['r'] != 'login2') {




Is it “legal” to use $_GET[‘r’] to know which route we are in? I’m thinking about what would happen in the future if for whatever reason, the route stops being called ‘r’.

Thanks in advance

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Fernando Gabrieli

No, you can use the accessControl filter in your controller, see documentation for details.