getting mod rewrite parameter whic is URL

hi guys…

can I ask you something.

i have this URL for example:

i want redirect it to url/Urlredirect/Shortener/

so I set the rule in the config/main.php :

http://company/<get:.*>’ => ‘url/Urlredirect/Shortener/’,

the problem is when i print out the $get

it only shows :/login=red&key=ener&url=

where it shoule be : /login=red&key=ener&url=

with the characer ‘/’ in the back of the variable.

the question can i get the full character?

thank you so much for your kind response.

Can’t you just add the “/” ?

What if the user does not even type that…

For example on yiiframework site you can use

It always gives the same page… and in the code you really do not need the ending slash… just the "wiki"

the problem is, it is expected to capture the original request.

adding the / would solve the problem but would not give the best result.

is there any way in capturing the variable?

thank you.