Getting error in Yii2.0.16 basic setup

Hi there,
I am getting error while installing new version of yii (2.0.16)
Here is the error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'function' (T_FUNCTION), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or \\ (T_NS_SEPARATOR) in F:\wamp\www\\basic\vendor\myclabs\deep-copy\src\DeepCopy\deep_copy.php on line *4*

Then I have solve this error just by removing this line

use function function_exists;

Hope this will help you,
Also @dev_team Please fix this bug and update the repo

Thank You

Its actually not a problem with Yii, nor with the dependency itself (the change was introduced mid 2018). The use function syntax is supported since PHP 5.6. Is there any chance that you are using an outdated PHP version?

Can you post the output of composer diagnose?

Thanks for reply.
I have php 5.5.12.
I will upgrade my php version and see if it is working or not.
Thank you

I solved this. To reset all .htaccess files into the server.