Getting error in codeception test

Hi Everybody,

I fall in a trouble that is I have been trying to test the customer query which is at the end of chapater 2. When I run a test for QueryCustomerByPhoneNumberCept.php I am getting the follwoing error.

There was 1 failure:


1) Failed to query the customer info using his phone number in QueryCustomerByPhoneNumberCept (/var/www/crmapp/tests/acceptance/QueryCustomerByPhoneNumberCept.php)

Couldn't see "Malcolm Homenick DDS","#search_results":

Failed asserting that any element by '#search_results' on page /crmapp/web/index.php/customers?phone_number=634-129-6931x386 

+ <div class="list-view" id="search_results"><div class="empty">No results found.</div></div>

contains text 'Malcolm Homenick DDS'

Scenario Steps:

19. I see "Malcolm Homenick DDS","#search_results"

18. I see current url matches "/customers/"

17. I click "Search"

16. I fill field "phone_number","634-129-6931x386"

15. I am on page "/customers/query"

14. I see current url matches "/customers/"

13. I click "Submit"



Tests: 2, Assertions: 5, Failures: 1.

The of QueryCustomerByPhoneNumberCept.php is given below:

$I = new \AcceptanceTester\CRMOperatorSteps($scenario);

$I->wantTo('add two different customers to database');


$first_customer = $I->imagineCustomer();





$second_customer = $I->imagineCustomer();




$I = new \AcceptanceTester\CRMUserSteps($scenario);

$I->wantTo('query the customer info using his phone number');





$I->seeCustomerInList($first_customer); // I stuck on this line


At the second last line I stuck. Could you tell me anyone how to solve it?

Thanks in advance.

I have the same error.

Has anybody deal with it?