Getting Error 400 On A Custom Urlmanager That Extends Cbaseurlrule

I’m trying to follow the custom rule class tutorial and managed to get it to create the url i want which looks like this


originally it would looks like this


my urlmanager

    // a custom rule to handle '/Manufacturer/Model'


            'class' => 'site.common.extensions.UrlManager.CarUrlRule',

            'connectionID' => 'db',


        //url manager for abc module

    	'research/<action:(view|photos|consumer-reviews|all)>' => '/abc/research/<action>',

    	'<action:(research)>' => '/abc/<action>',

now when i go to

[b]localhost/make/model/year[/b] i get this error

 Error 400

    Your request is invalid.

here is my action function in my controller

public function actionView($id)






any ideas how to fix this? Thanks