Getting couponic script to work

I need to change the product daily on the Grouponic-clone script called "couponic", do I have to write and test code or can I just do some sort of a cut and paste to make daily changes? Help please, do I need to hire someone to write code to get this program to work?

Nothing against the work of the guys of Couponic, but I have seen the code and good luck with it. They have develop a sort of framework on top on Yii that, they say, is an extension but they have implemented their very own way to do things.

So with Couponic you have: Yii<---->Couponic<----->Classes<----->Your Application

I personally disliked so much their code that I refused a job doing the same thing you are doing now. You first need to read their documentation, not the ones in Yii (you need to know Yii by heart to understand what the guys did) and implement the changes the way they want., following their docs For example, to add a simple field to their application you need to do:

  1. create a separated table

  2. build a model for that table (even if it is just one field more to other object)

  3. re-start the installer (every section of the app has its own)

  4. build the link between the new model and the one it is going to be attached to

  5. tell their framework that the model has another model attached to it

  6. re-start the installer

I highly recommend you to test your code as… I remembered that their CALENDARS where displayed in Chinese or Cantones when I set the language to ‘Spanish’.

Good luck…

I see this is your first post to the forum… welcome…

Your question is a bit vague… more info would help others to help you…

do you have the application working and just need to change the product daily… or you are just creating this application?

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Cheers mdomba, is talking about this application:

Antonio, Nice to meet you, I’m Johhny from Brazil and I am going to set up a site on that model of business.

Do you recommend me any other solution? I ask this because, unlike most others I researched, couponic has support to Brazillian Gateway PagSeguro. If I find out a better option with a similar price range that offers support to this payment gateway, It would me definetly look into it. I`m also thinking about GroupBuyingSite, a plugin for wordpress. What would you suggest me? And more important: Is it that hard to place daily deals on the site? I mean, isn’t this supposed to be the most basic action?



Hi Johnny,

I do not know if this would help you but the design and simplicity to setup seems ok.

If you need a wordpress plugin for the payment

This topic is quite old but I am in urgent to have a groupon site run and Couponic seems to be the only thing closest to the business available out there. Technically it’s crappy but is there anyone has learned something helpful for extending / modifying it ?