Getting A Value From A Dynamic Table

Hi guys! I am new here and I’m hoping to become a good part of this community. Now, let’s get to my problem. I have a table that is created dynamically using Datatables.

foreach ($results as $value)


    		echo '






    				<td id="chkbutton">'.$form->checkBox($model,"journal_id").'</td>

    				<td style="display:none;">'.$value->object_id.'</td>



I have to get the value (journal_id) from the hidden column when the corresponding check box is checked and then call the DB to get the data with the corresponding ID and fill a drop down list. How am I supposed to do that?

Hi and welcome to Yii!

try this:

echo CHtml::activeId($model,"journal_id");

Thank you for your answer, but how am I supposed to use this?

Aren’t you supposed to get the value in the checkbox and not the hidden field with unchecked value generated? You should be able to use javascript/jquery to grab the checkbox value. Add a click event, make sure its been checked then get the value