Getting A Blank Page With No Errors


I’ve recently started setting up my webserver and everything that comes with it.

Now I need yii for one application that I want on my site (multicraft)

So I’ve installed yii in a web directory, checked the requirements and I’ve passed it.

But yet, when I try to access the multicraft panel (which requires yii) it just gives me a blank page.

No errors or anything, just a blank page. (display errors is on at php.ini)

I’m using IIS 7. I’ve googled around a bit, and there seems to be a lot of conflicts with IIS, but I couldn’t find a good answer to my problem.

Also, I’m using php 5.3.24 for IIS.

If you need any more information, please do ask!

If anyone would have a solution for my problem, I’d be much obliged.


I have the same problem :( I don’t resolve

I had the same problem. I troubleshot this by adding echo tags in the index to determine if the PHP application was being executed properly. It turned out to be a php execution issue relating to setting default pathing.

Hopefully that gives you a good start.

You should always get an error in the error log of your http server if PHP crashes so hard it won’t handle and display the error itself.

enable the display of PHP errors from ini file. or use ini_set in code for error display.

I have the same problem with nginx.

I’ve tried a lot of configurations but with no success.

It works on my laptop (xampp) but it doesn’t work on my dedicated server (nginx + php-fpm).