Getting 404 Error on file that exists

I have models: SchoolYears.php and SchoolYearsSearch.php
and controller: SchoolYearsController.php
and views: schoolyears/index.php (along with the others like create.php…)

When I try to route to: ?r=schoolyears%2Findex, I am getting a 404 error.

What am I missing?

Try ?r=schoolYears/index

When I tried that I get the same 404 error

This may have changed from Yii1.1 to Yii2.
Try ?r=school-years/index

And since you run Yii2, you can use the debugger. Or just have a look in the log file.

And read the guide if you haven’t already.

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Hi @jujubee, are you using Yii1 ?.

do youhave the .htaccess file in your working directory ?

I forgot about the - to separate words in camel calse. Thanks for the reminder.

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