get user role based on user id

I’m currently using SRBAC that created by spyros. In my application I need to get user role based on user id and I’m stuck with it. Does somebody know how to solve this?

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The problem SOLVED refer to this link :D

the code is:

$arrayAuthRoleItems = Yii::app()->authManager->getAuthItems(2, Yii::app()->user->getId());

$arrayKeys = array_keys($arrayAuthRoleItems);

$role = strtolower ($arrayKeys[0]);

Your solution is not correct, because:

  • it can be that user belongs to more than one role
  • role names are case sensitive (for example, when specifying in controlers’ accessRules() method)

public function getRoles () {

	$roles = Yii::app()->authManager->defaultRoles ; // default roles

	$user = $this->loadUser( Yii::app()->user->id ) ; // example method which loads user model

	return $user === null ? $roles : array_merge( $roles, array_keys( Yii::app()->authManager->getAuthItems(2, $user->id) ) ) ;


If you use the yii right extension, you just need create a function called getUserRoles() in the class RWebUser that extends from CWebUser, this class is under the path:


this is the code of the function:


	 * Retunr an array with the roles


	function getUserRoles()



		$roles = array();

		$criteria=new CDbCriteria;



		$Rol = Authassignment::model()->findAll($criteria);


		$indexArray = 0;

		foreach ($Rol as $item)


			$roles[$indexArray] = $item->itemname;



		return $roles;


this will return an array with the roles of the current user.