Get The Value Of Textbox That Is Populated By Ajax

Hello to all, I have this code in my form

echo $form->textFieldRow($model,‘finalReading’,array(‘id’=>‘nick_field’,







And In controller the function is

public function actiondynamicvehicletbl()


    $regForm = $_POST["VehicleLogbookTbl"];

	$user1 = $regForm["finalReading"];

	$user2 = $regForm["tempId"];

	echo $user1-$user2;


The problem is that the tempid is the name of textfield that is already populated by ajax and I am unable to get the value of tempId in $user2. plz tell me how I can get the value of ajax populated textfield in this controller.

Seems this query is related to Yii 1.x and should typically be in the Yii 1.x forum. This is a Yii2.x focused discussion forum.