Get the data from an ActiveRecord as a values list

Hello guys,

I want to get a list of values from an ActiveRecord. Something like this:

array(145, 243, 987)

How can I accomplish this ?

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You should try one of the CActiveRecord::findAll* methods and then populate an array with the attribute you want.

Yeah, that’s what I did. I find kinda sad that Yii doesn’t have such a basic function…

You may use CHtml::listData or CDbCommand appropriate methods as well.

CHtml::listData generates the data suitable for list-based HTML elements. I don’t need that. I need just an array of values. Of course I can use CHtml::listData like to buid something like this: array(id => value), but this ain’t right. Yii needs something like this: values list.

And I don’t want to use CdbCommand. I want to use AR… It works perfect in Django.

hi Marian

after findAll you can use php array_map function:

$list = array_map(function($e) {return $e->ColumnName;}, $models);