Get SQL statement without placeholders?

Hi there.

I’m having a problem around profiling of SQL queries using placeholders. I would want to see the actual sql statement, but

WHERE p.status & :status

pops out when I’m using placeholders:

Post::model()->findAllBySql($sql, array('status'=>$this->post_status));

[size="3"]Is there a native flag or whatsoever to tell Yii profiler that I want to get actual sql?[/size]

[size=“3”]This could be very useful if I’d be able to copy a certain sql query just from the profiler bar without headache of calculation all of the parameters passed into the statement in order to play around with it to gain better performance of this particular query.[/size]

[size="3"]If not, is it planning to do so in next releases of the Yii?[/size]

Enabling this option will allow you to see params’ values.

Thank you.