Get selected value from DropdownList

Hi guys!

What I want to do is simple, but i can´t find how haha

Just get the selected value from the DropdownList and set it to the input T.T

<?= $form->field($model, 'wk_liq_ana_cli_actoid') -> textInput(['type' => 'number', 'maxlength' => true]) -> hiddenInput(['value' => HERE I WANT THE SELECTED VALUE]) ->label(false) ?>

<?= $form -> field($model, 'wk_liq_ana_cli_actodesc') -> widget(Select2::classname(), [

    'data' => ArrayHelper::map(MacheoAnalisisClinicos::find()->all(), 'actodesccompania', 'actodesccompania'),

    'language' => 'es',

    'options' => ['placeholder' => 'Seleccione un acto...'],

    'pluginOptions' => [

        'allowClear' => true


	]); ?>

Thanks thanks thanks!

Hi Thyds,

For initial DOM load use this code

<?= $form->field($model, 'wk_liq_ana_cli_actoid') -> textInput(['type' => 'number', 'maxlength' => true]) -> hiddenInput(['value' => $model->wk_liq_ana_cli_actodesc]) ->label(false) ?>

Add on change event like this below.

echo $form->field($model, 'wk_liq_ana_cli_actodesc')->dropDownList(

    ArrayHelper::map(MacheoAnalisisClinicos::find()->all(), 'actodesccompania', 'actodesccompania'),


        'prompt'=>'Seleccione un acto...',

        'onchange'=>'$("#YOUR_MODEL_NAME[wk_liq_ana_cli_actoid]").val(this.value);' //OR Place the right jquery  selector for the field wk_liq_ana_cli_actoid



I hope the above codes may help you.

Cheers! Happy Coding.

Thanks thanks thanks! It works :D

Happy coding too!