Get rid of the down vote

I can’t believe that some jerk down voted my offer of help because they actually had to think about the problem and edit a few files themselves.

What is wrong with this advice?

Some jerk down voted me.

Admin please remove this stupid anti-productive forum feature and for those people who feel the need to down vote people either grow up or leave the board.


Do not take a down vote too personaly

If you check the top comment there - - it say that your suggestion does not work… so I guess that user downvoted your comment as it was not working for him…

I still think it should be removed, if a down vote is given you should be expected to say why and the user giving the down vote should be known publicly.

This has been discussed before on various threads.

So if the person on the top comment is the one who down voted; their personal stats are.



As far as I can tell at least one down vote, since the system does not seem to list that info??

Plus my advice was not given to that person.

Also if they followed through with my logic and advice, and since they realized for themselves that every controller had to be edited, one step further would have been to provide a value to $this->layout in the parent controller and it would be available to each child controller.

It doesn’t make me (or others I assume) want to give free advice to jerks.