Get rid of FXP ! Use Asset Packaglist !

Yesterday I had some stupid problem with François Pluchino’s fxp/composer-asset-plugin. Damn, this is crappy!

Please - have a look on pure Composer Bower/NPM package manager here:

In my humble opinion it’s time to get rid with FXP! It’s time to go without Composer plugins and with no Node.js installation required.

Please consider!

We’re aware of its existence.

There are both cons and pros in the switch.

btw., node.js installation isn’t required for fxp.

Btw., here’s an issue at GitHub:

BTW, Alexandr - I fully support Cebe with this opinion on "vendor/bower-asset instead of vendor/bower" issue:

"this is one of the worst decision made when implementing the asset bundles, yii uses another place than the default of the asset plugin. We should try to get rid of this in 2.1."