Get Rid Of Ckeditor From Yii-Booster

[size=2]Has anyone tried to achieve this (as in topic)?[/size]

CKEditor consumems over 3 MB of assets files and looks like an orphant, poor cousing of RedactorJS (also supported by Yii-Booster). So I would like to get rid of it and leave Yii-Booster only with RedactorJS.

Has anyone got any idea, how to achieve this?

I am not supporting anymore YiiBooster. The new library extension that I work on is called YiiWheels, maintains a dependency with YiiStrap, so we do not ended up having two versions of the same thing and also encapsulates the widgets in a way that only those widgets that are required will be loaded.

You can check the new library at:


:o , so the yii-booster has handed over to someone else?

This sounds like a good decision. :)

The problem with YiiBooster is that Chris hasn’t stopped working on Yiistrap - and that creates a lot of unneeded duplication as far as I can see.

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Let me conlude (correct me, where I’m wrong).

We now have:

  • Yii-Bootstrap [abadoned],
  • Yiistrap [based on former, continued by Chris, you?, others?],
  • Yii-Booster [based on Yii-Bootstrap, now abadoned],
  • YiiWheels [continued?]
  • more?

To make things even worse, only Yii-Bootstrap is incorporated into official Yii Extension Repository and only both abadoned projects (Yii-Bootstrap and Yii-Booster) has a good level of documentation behind it. Both continued projects are hosted only on Github, outside official Yii Ext repo and documentation for them looks a little bit like a poor.

Don’t you find this sitution a little bit strange? A regular Yii developer (the one, that only want to use it, not the one that want to participate in any of these projects) has now two options: either use any of well documented, but discontinued projects or use any of two continued, but poorly documented. And which development seems to be a little bit slow or even near being stopped and cancelled. And still there are two different solutions for the same frontend framework (if YiiWheels is also for Bootstrap, cause Antonio hasn’t made that clear, at least to me).

Any of these options seems wrong for a profesional, production-level applications. Or am I wrong?

Out of one, quite good project, four in total (or more) were risen and currently there is nothing permanent.

This situation starts to looks just like my unanswered question here. People gathered together to buy a licensee for Redactor and now it is freely available to all Yii community, but regular developer don’t have a bloody idea, which one of three, parallely supported versions of this extension to use.

I’ve been out of Yii for months, but once I’m back now, I see, that we have a certain level of mess in some important cases. Or am I wrong?

Open source is ‘strange’ ;)

I am looking forward to when the current Yii extension repository is removed and replaced with Yii extensions on Packagist.

Although that won’t eliminate all issues.

People contribute extensions, and - sometimes - they move on.

Life is funny that way.

And, no: I have no idea what Chris is maintaining.

I see projects on Bitbucket and Github, but … beats me. :)