get old value and display


i have a problem

how to get old parameter value and show it in the form?

my parameter…old_location and new_location.

when i create a new form, at ‘new_location’ field will display ‘old_location’ parameter from previous.

example: fill in new form,

old_location=level 3,(fill)

new_location=level 2, (fill)

then when create new form,

old_location = level 2 (automatically display from previous)

new_location = …(fill)

please explain exactly what you mean by parameter? a GET parameter? a model attribute?

and what do you mean by ‘create new form’? do you mean ‘create new record’?

thank you for ur reponses. It’s ok now. I just pass a parameter using this code

public function actionCreate()


$model->old_location = $this->_item->location;