get id of previous insert-query without findone()

Hi I want to save some stuff in my form.

I have some normalized tables with one junction table. First of all my tender_post is created. After this the next table tender_project.

"tender_post"s field ‘id’ is auto_increment so it is set automatically by saving. Now I need this id for the next saving in the same form for tender_project. I could do this with another query:

TenderProject::findOne(['parameter' => 'parameters_equal'])

But I want to get it without this query is there a way to retrieve the ‘id’ from the saving action?

Once you do a $model->save() the generated id is stored in the $modle variable so just read it form it.

just to be more clear

	public function actionCreate()


    	$post = new tenderPost;

    	if ($post->load(Yii::$app->request->post()) && $post->save()) {

   			$project= new tenderProject;



To this there are exception for those database that does not support last_insert_id (i.e. oracle) but if you use mysql it works.

Otherwise you can use getLastInsertId.