Get Called Action In Init()


one problem solved and yet another shows up.

I added a init() action to the components/Controller.php. In this action I want to get the called ModuleId, ControllerID and ActionID.

class Controller extends CController


    public function init(){

       // only for test




       die('end of init()');



But I never get an ActionID. I Get an ActionID if i copy the code into the called Action, but I want to have this code on a single part of my project.

My question:

Is there a way to get the full Route information in a "global" init() Action?

Thanks for your help.

class Controller extends CController


  protected function beforeAction($action)


    var_dump($action->id, $this->id, $this->module->id);


    return parent::beforeAction($action);



Hi Tsunami,

thank you very much!

That is exactly what I looked for!