Geonames lookup [request]


Did a quick search but didn't come up with anything.

I was wondering if anyone has tried or is using an autocomplete function with Geonames


I have a home_location field that I would like to be able to lookup against Geonames database and parse the users select back to my address table.

Something like the example on this link;


however I would want the results to show both city and country. eg. 'Vancouver, Canada'

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even just advice on where to start.

Thanks in advance

Still really keen to be able to add this feature to my application.

I plan to use geonames to also help with internationalization for my site. As I will request the user to tell me there home location to begin with. By using geoname i can determine target language.

I have found this google project regarding php/pear… I am only a beginner at all this stuff but is anyone interested in making a wrapper for this.…vices-geonames/

Any interest in something like this at all??????????????????  ??? ??? ??? ::) ??? ???

Bumping this topic. Anyone else working with geonames or now how I should start?? I don’t even know where to begin…

Any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

This is the link above that actually works here

Hi team,

Still really keen to be able to incorporate geonames (geo coding) with yii. I am not a coder and would like to know if anyone else is interested in coding this for yii.

I have found a version done for drupal and was hoping someone would be able to show how this could be used with yii.

A collection of modules to integrate GeoNames webservices and data into a Drupal installation. The modules in this package enable access to all information provided by the XML-based Services from GeoNames. For code examples, documentation, simple demo's and other information please check out the project home page.

drupal version

thanks in advance