Hello Yii Community - I’m excited to tell you about … it runs on the Yii framework.

It helps you create and join peer to peer email lists associated with your favorite physical places e.g. your block, apartment building, regular coffeeshop, yoga studio, or coworking space.

I would love it if you’d give it a try and send me feedback. The basic features are in place and working - but it doesn’t have a lot of bells & whistles yet:

I’m very appreciative of the Yii community for all the great work you’ve done. I would not have been able to build Geogram so quickly if not for Yii. I’ll blog more about the components of Geogram in the future.


I like the idea and the full screen wallpaper. I didn’t sign up so can’t comment too much about it. First impressions

  • [size=2]a short description about the service (how it works) on the homepage might entice people to sign up[/size]
  • [size=2]client side validation would be nice so the use isn’t redirected. [/size][list]
  • [size=2]social login?[/size]



Yes, thanks Matt - but you should really give it a try.

I haven’t integrated any social logins yet … mainly because I need to collect email addresses for the service to work - so integrating an omniauth like extension for Yii is a secondary priority.

What do you mean by client side validation? do you mean ajax login on the home page?

Either ajax or simple JS just to keep the user on the homepage. Easy to implement and keeps the user looking at a pretty screen.


Just registered on the homepage and it redirected me to a “How it works” page, but then it asks me to sign up. Is that the right workflow? Also the signup button at the bottom of isn’t working.


Matt, just click the verification link in your email. I’ll fix the tutorial page so it doesn’t show those things incorrectly.