Geocoded_Address Is Not Working On Server

Hello guyz, i have a very strange problem in egmap i am following this article the problem is in EGMapGeocodedAddress which extract latitude and longitude from the given address, the latitude and longitude are extracted perfectly on local host but not working on server i had a different server before this it was working perfectly now i am using 000webhosting free server but its not working when i give latitude and longitude hard coded it renders map but with EGMapGeocodedAddress it does not extract latitude and longitude and display a blue div, any one faced this problem??? kindly help

I suppose that ‘blue div’ is actually a water near Africa (geopoint [0, 0]) :)

The most likely problem is here: your hoster does not allow using something like file_get_contents, that’s why this extension fails.

thanks for replying is there any other way???