Generator for yii2

Hello. I’m come from yii 1.1 and giix was the winner of the code generators for yii.
How about with yii2? What’s the winner generator? Any suggestions?

I would like to generate the views with vue.js.

Thanks in advance

What do you mean by “winner generator”? I haven’t heard about any ready to use generators for Vue but there could be existing ones. Technically Gii is extendable to allow that.

Hello @samdark, thanks for your excelent work.
Gii is excelent and a great idea. But i was wondering, if anyone was using others (or a branch of Gii), just to compare.

Thanks again

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@uldisn, thank you very much!!!

I tried it!!!

I like it, but I don’t know, I thinks it has lack of some important features.

For example, It generates simple select boxes for select related data (without autocomplete)

It has a button to go to the related data, but I would like the related data was showed in the same page of view or edit.

I didn’t see an “advanced search” button, with all the fields for filter data.

Maybe I need more time to set the right parameters … What do you think? Did you worked with this generator long time?

I’m also testing this:

Do you know it?

Thanks again.