generated model relations need first letter of the table to be Uppercase?

Hi everyone,

i just encountered a small flaw in the model generator of yii 1.1.0. I am using lowercase tables (table1, table2) in my Database.

Models get generated correctly except the relations. Related Models always habe their first letter uppercase (Table1, Table2, …) in the ‘relations()’-array, but my models keep being generated lowercase.

There could be 2 Solutions, either the model Generator forces every model to have the first letter Uppercase (this looks really aesthetic and is common in OOP-Programming) or he keeps the related model how it is.

Does someone else also discoverd this small Problem?

I vote for having lc relation names everywhere since they are used as aliases for the related tables. Having ucfirst can lead to incompatibilities on different DBMS and OS. Everything lowercase in db is usually most fail-safe / least error-prone.