Generate URL with static and dynamic expressions

I want to construct such URL as

expression - is static word (in russian language)

21.01.2011 - is date from database

My urlManager is


Yii will parse the URL above, but how can I generate such URL using CHtml::link() or createUrl()?

Thank you.

something like


will do what you want

well, actually I want to generate URL without controllerName in it, but with static expression. Dilemma.

I see…could you gimme a couple of examples of the expressions you will use ?

thank you for replies, here is existing url



билеты - is static word (means tickets)

Тестовый-артист-1 - (means actor’s name) taken from database

31.01.2011 - date, taken from db

Teßtischür-sall-1 - (concert hall name) taken from db

and my urlManager rules:




is controllerName and actionName, you know

To use it the way you want you must extend CUrlmanager

easier yet is to use this extension that seens to do exactly what you need

how can you retrieve <date> from Database?

Since Yii 1.1.8 you can build your own Url rule classes:

There you can do anything you want.